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Best Decision

Universal decision maker for all your iPhones, iPads & Macs

Best Decision

Universal decision maker for iPhones, iPads & Macs

If you are about to make an important decision, let Best Decision's algorithms do the hard work for you

Buying new MacBook? Wondering which house is best for your family? Choosing holidays: tropical beach or a spirited trip through Asia? Always make the Best Decision! Best Decision is an extremely easy choice-making analytics app. It will tell you which decision is objectively the best, then YOU choose whatever you please.

Decision making process using Best Decision is extremely EASY and INTUITIVE




Most important FEATURES of Best Decision

  1. UNIVERSAL APP (works on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac)
  2. Uses iCloud to automatically SYNC your data between all your devices
  3. FREE to TRY
  4. no subscriptions
  5. no ads
  6. suitable for COMPLEX and SIMPLE DECISIONS
  7. highly FLEXIBLE
  8. tap and hold to CHANGE THE ORDER of decisions, options and criteria
  9. presents OBJECTIVELY BEST OPTION in comparison with all other sorted by rating results
  10. Decision TEMPLATES
  11. Touch ID/Face ID or password-protected so YOU DECIDE who can access your decisions
  12. USER FRIENDLY: guides you easily through the decision making process
  13. you can SHARE calculated verdict by Message, send it by mail, generate to PDF or save to Photos
  14. use 3D Touch ACTIONS on icon to quickly go to the last 3 decisions or create a new one
  15. find any decision in your SPOTLIGHT SEARCH by name or considered option
  16. work more efficiently with SLIDE OVER and SPLIT VIEW on your iPad and iPad Pro

Let’s start using today

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